Foundations, Biomorphic, 11″ x 14″, Graphite on Bristol Board

After multiple ideas and reworks, my biomorphic creature came out to be a simple desk lamp turned into a flamingo standing on one leg. The easiest part of the biomorphic creature was the head- it seemed to jump off the page at me. Next was the neck which gave me the idea for the feet to be plugs; although my original thought was for just one leg for the one plug, that idea became abandoned because of the funny look it gave my creature. After figuring out the legs I had learned that my creature is a flamingo turned into a desk lamp, instead of a desk lamp turning into a flamingo. The more difficult part of my creation was the body- the shape of the desk didn’t want to be lost, so the shape is more square than round. The feathers weren’t to every part of the flamingo to give the smoothness of the desk lamp’s plastic.

This project taught me personally how important drafting is because the first time I drew this image it was mostly all flamingo and it was only a side view. After multiple attempts I had finally learned how to draw the 3/4 view. Also using the Intuitive gesture, intuitive perspective, negative space, mondrian lines, and proportion helped understand the shape and where all the parts of the creature belong correctly.

Atmosphere prospective showed threw to show that the beak is closest as the tail is farthest away. This helps understand where the objects are in comparison with each other. This technique was also used in the setting because the water gets lighter as it goes back and the mountains are the most light because they are the farthest back. The elements of design helped bring my picture to life: line, direction, size, texture, and value. Line is in be design because there are no direct edges, only shades of different shapes to create a sense of 3D to the flamingo. My image has a vertical direction giving a feeling of balance, formality, and alertness- as my flamingo shows. The size of each part of the bird is in proportion to not make the bird seem more life-like rather than disfigured. The texture is mostly smooth to let the desk lamp part of the flamingo show threw more. Value is the lightness where the bird is farther away keeping the atmospheric perspective in place.

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