Senior Project II: Final Draft Animation

Senior Project 2, Final Animation

While showing this for class critique I got some good and negative feedback. It was said that they liked the music and thought it was fitting. And also that my professor thought this animation would be better in the gallery.

Some things I could fix in my animation including that it stays on the blue/blank screen for too long, the years are not title safe, to animate more of a specific image that had little animation, black transition is weird, and that there are some spots where there is green in the animated images.

I plan on fixing most, if not all, of these things by class time on Thursday to make this more successful.

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Senior Project II: Week 12

Senior Project II, Week 12, Journal

April 9th-April 15th

This week for my senior project I have gone through a few drafts. In the past week, I went and relooked at the scene and worked on timing and pacing. I changed the timeline at the top of the scenes to make it more interesting. And also changed some of the images movements as they looked kind of “bobble head” like. I plan to add music and possibly some sounds before Tuesday.

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Senior Project: Week 11

Senior Project II, Journal, Week 11

April 2st- April 8th

For this week I am putting together the animated images and the information into the final motion graphic. This video is a first draft of the animation that I plan on continuing editing and fixing up.

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Senior Project II: Week 10

Senior Project II, Journal, Week 10

March 26th – April 1st

This past week I focused on animating in stylized images. Almost all of the images will have some sort of motion to them. I made 3 animations for each image: stylized image in motion, stylized image in motion with gray circle background, stylized image in motion with light pink circle background. I did each image these 3 ways as I thought that throughout the animation I would want different looks to the images. But, I do not have the animations attached to this post because there are about 135 videos each 45 seconds long and I am unable to upload videos to WordPress. At this time, I have 3/4 of the animations completed and plan to finish the remainder at the start of this week. By the end of this week, I will be putting together my final project.


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Save the Endangered Posters

Senior Portfolio, Save the Endangered, Posters

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Senior Project II: Week 9

Senior Project II, Week 9, Journal

March 19th- March 25th

  • Production Check In
    • Check In Presentation
      • Shows all the finished stylized images
      • Shows trials of animated images
        • Each image is in motion rendered 3 times in 3 different ways
          • 1) in motion, no background
          • 2) in motion, Gray circle background
          • 3) in motion, pink circle background
        • Having each in 3 different ways lets me include the one I want to use and what seems to fit best in the motion graphic.
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Senior Project II: Week 8

Senior Project II, Journal, Week 8

March 12th – March 18th

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