Check in 2


Senior Project 1, Check-in 2

On WordPress, I have uploaded some files I have created for my animation including the fish, octopus, head turn around, finalized man, and the tophat. Some things I have that are not uploaded, for various reasons, is the videos of the clouds moving, the bird, the jellyfish made out of paper, and the dolphin.

The man was finalized with a more human like figure with a still cartoon, cutout feeling to it. The head is a polarized image that I created to have multiple views so I included a head turn around and also have a turn right and turn left gif for the head. The tophat belongs on all of the characters and the tophat is a gif so it had more depth and texture to it. The man is in different layers when animating it will be able to move each part freely.

The other characters I have finished is the octopus, fish, bird, jellyfish, and clouds. The octopus is hand drawn and a texture is added in photoshop, he has extra tentacles on the image to add to the animation and be able to animate freely. The fish was created by being scanned in and edited in photoshop. This is actually two different fish that I combined together and separated the layers to be able to be moved separately so he can look like he’s swimming. The bird was hand drawn and exported as a gif and looks like he is flying. The Jellyfish were created out of paper and watercolored. They aren’t pictured because I have yet to photograph/videotape them in motion. The clouds are an important aspect of the starting shot and where created and videotaped to be put into the animation. This was successful and the clouds look like they’re moving in the sky. This is not shown here as WordPress doesn’t support videos.

I am currently working on my animation and am slightly behind on my schedule. Creating my assets created some difficulty for me and put me behind a little bit. I am animating my first 3 shots and am multitasking to animate and finalize my assets. I will hopefully be back on schedule soon as I am not too far off of it.

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