Literary Adaption

Production 2, Literary Adaption
Adobe Premiere Pro

For this assignment we had to take a poem or short that we found and make a literary adaption of it. I choose to base my adaption off of the poem “He Foretells His Passing” by F.D. Reeve.

This assignment was based on story telling. We had to ensure that the piece put the character into place, gave a story, but also had some connection to the poem. I think I successfully achieved that as the film I created gives some background as to why the male is to the house, an idea of what the house looks like, and the voice over of the poem adds the poem to the piece.

The difficult aspect about this project was having the time reach three minutes. I didn’t realize how much video went into a three minute film. Also creating  a back story, at first I had the character come to the house but then thought of a reason why he would go there and what it meant to him. I think adding the photograph scene at the start of the film was a necessary addition as it improved the film greatly.

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