Film/Mood Board Critique

Motion Graphics, Critique

Because I went to the career fair and missed the part of class where they critiqued each others videos and mood boards, I went to some friends/peers and asked for their thoughts.  Some things in my video footage that they critiqued was that it was mostly focused on animations/graphics instead of the video, which is okay but then doesn’t include much dynamic action. To fix this I am going to rethink my idea for this film and see if I could include more film footage. They said to not include too much time between the bottle getting set down and the graphics, but because I didn’t have graphics yet this was difficult to tell if the timing was okay.

For the mood board, people got confused as to what direction I was going towards. Including a brick wall and 2D graphic and 3D graphics made it difficult to interpret. They suggested sticking to 2D or 3D and not to mix the two too much. Also to possibly include some video footage with the graphics.

Some areas of my project I think could be strengthened is the overall idea behind it or changing it to some aspect. The most exciting opportunity for this that I see is the graphics; Because currently most the video will be graphics I think that it would be the most exciting aspect.

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