Living Composition Final


Motion Graphics, Living Composition
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

This project was one that we took something that we hand created, then uploaded it to photoshop, changed it into layers then moved the layers in photoshop to create a motion to the piece.

I choose to create birds fighting, I wanted something that there would be a reason the object is moving, not just moving because I want it to. I decided to move the wings up and move the birds as if they where in flight. I added the background as it was painted with water colors with orange on one side and blue on the other but decided to add an effect in After Effects to the background to create something more interesting. The background also gives a digital feel to the hand drawn birds which adds an interesting aspect to the piece.

During critiques there was some positive aspect to my animation, there was also some suggestions to enhance it. The suggestions where that I should make the bird go closer together as the animation goes though so it looks like their fighting. Also to have them move even slower though out the animation to enhance it more.

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