Chess Fight Storyboard


Advanced Animation, Chess Fight, Final Project, Storyboard

For my storyboard there was some changed I made and some I left the same.

For one, I changed the chess pieces to be colored in to better differentiate between the pieces. This was a suggestion of someone during class that couldn’t see the differences. Another thing I changed was parts of the storyboard. Someone said that there was too much build up of setting up the board while the fight only had a few frames. I changed this to have only a few setting up/ playing frames then added more of the fight scenes. I also changed who started the fight because it was suggested that the pawn starting the fight (like I had in the original) would be insignificant during the game, in return, I made the fight start between the two king chess pieces. This was because the king is known as the most valuable chess piece and would cause a reaction if messed with. Although it wasn’t suggested, I also changed how I documented my information on line as before I took a picture and this time I scanned the images and edited them to look finished.

Some things I kept the same is using the same chess pieces and the same designs for them. I also used the same idea behind the chess pieces as they would walk onto the game at first. I was asked in class if there was going to be a background and I kept the same idea that there wouldn’t be a background to add an echo at specific points (when the kings walk out, when sliding, first moves, etc.). I also decided to keep the colors of the chess pieces black and white to as those are the well known colors for this game and I wanted to keep it similar to what people know.

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