One To One Exhibition

Motion Graphics, Gallery Write Up

The Bret Llewellyn Gallery, at Alfred State College in Alfred, NY, hosted the exhibition One to One, by Joe McKay. This opened on February 25th, 2016 and ended on March 17h, 2016.

The work was presented by Joe McKay, a professor at Purchase College in Harrison, NY. His presentation on February 25th, 2016 was about his work and how he created it.

The presentation and gallery focused around the video game, Four Mice. This was on the large tv and needed two people to play, with both hands. Players move the mouse in both hands to ‘catch’ the balls in the triangle. With this piece, he talked about how he created the game and how he wanted to create something different that people would have to think about in order to play.

Another work he showed at the exhibition was the Google Map images. These images he found on google maps of the reflection of the vans that took the google photos in windows. He then took pieces of the vans that he found in windows and combined them to create an image of the whole van.

He created a piece that was projected on the wall that included a man falling off a moped. This piece was rotoscoped from a video and as he said, was one of his favorite pieces. McKay said that he did multiple rotoscopes of people falling off mopeds but decided to only show one at this exhibition.

This exhibition relates to the Digital Media and Animation major in multiple ways. For example, the video game McKay created was created using Brackets, which is the same scripting program we use in interactive media course. Also the rotoscoping can  connect with this major as we are taught out freshmen year about rotoscoping and now we are seeing it be created by a professional.

This exhibition related to the Motion Graphics course in multiple ways. For one, the game is interactive and includes motion graphics within the game. Another way is the rotoscoping as that could be seen as motion graphics how the animation moves. Another interactive aspect to the gallery was the tablet tumbler that people could move around the room and the tablets would count the number of times the tumbler rotated, these numbers are motion graphics.




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