Self Critique

Advanced Animation, Self Critique

Looking back though my exercised in class I can find good aspects to them and aspects that could be improved.

Looking at the animations from the start of the semester such as rip apart, pick and exhale, I did not understand how long it took me to do something. This is a problem because when I had ten minutes to create an animation I did not know what to do or how to animate that fast. Although it comes mostly with practice, working faster is one aspect I should work on in the future. But I also need to know myself and how slow or fast I can and should work. I can do this by continuing to do the timed animations like we did in class and practicing more on my animations so I can do an animation in a limited amount of time. Doing timed animations through out the rest of the semester and beyond would help me think faster, help me know where I should be in a specific amount of time, and help me create animations faster.

Another work that was not the best was my storyboards. The storyboards caused me problems, as it was difficult to think of what to create and draw them in a set time frame. Some times I drew worse because of the time limit while other times I didn’t draw all the frames in the assignment because of time restrictions. Because we, in school, haven’t needed storyboards for most of the projects, I feel as if my storyboarding is not as strong as it should be or as I would like it to be. Another problem is that, like with the Chair storyboard, I started it and didn’t know where my story was going to do or how it could continue. Some things I can do to improve my storyboarding is to draw more often to increase my drawing skills, think through and plan out my story before I create it, and do more storyboards to practice. Practicing through out the rest of the semester and beyond would better my drawing skills and better my storyboarding skills.

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