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Logo for a Business Card


Logo for a Black and White Letterhead


Logo for a Shirt Graphic


Logo for a Web Banner







Although my logo’s look the same for all aspects of these prints they are not. All logos are created in Adobe Illustrator to have a final product that is a vector image and are all in PNG format. PNG files have a lossless compression and images can have a background transparency without jagged edges.

The business card logo is in CMYK color format and is at 300 DPI. This logo is the right size to fit on the business card thats 3.5 inches x 2 inches without much adjusting. This logo has a transparent background so the card can be any color.

The letterhead logo is changed to black and white but still is in CMYK color format. Because it would be in print it has 300 DPI and is about the right size to be placed on a letterhead. This logo has a transparent background, although it does not need to be, because someone using this might wish to add a graphic behind this logo.

Logo for a shirt graphic is in CMYK color format and is being printed so it is in 300 DPI. The graphic is meant to be placed on the upper left chest of the shirts so it is a graphic that is 4 inches x 4 inches. This logo has a transparent background because it would go onto the shirt without a background and have the color of the shirt be behind it.

The Logo for the web banner is in RGB color format and is at 72 DPI because it is for screen/web. This logo fits on the standard banner of 728 pixels x 90 pixels and contains a transparent background because the person using the color might need to place this logo in different places or with different backgrounds.

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