Axom: Experimental Gallery


Production II, Gallery Write Up

This exhibition was on Friday,  January 15th, 2016 at the Axom Gallery and Exhibition Space in Rochester, NY. The Axom Experimental Exhibition was a one night only event that combines multimedia, images, and sound to create an experience.

This exhibition had performances playing the whole night by City Harvest Black, Mike Shiftler, Licker and more. Along with the gallery walls filled with photos from John Lake.

The exhibition wanted to create an environment that was different than other galleries. Galleries generally are white and quite. While this gallery had live performers that played all night. The lights where a show within themselves. And photos that filled up the walls.

This exhibition was different in many ways but connected back to the Digital Media and Animation major at Alfred State College. In classes we are learning about lighting: How to, where to, what color to. The Exom Gallery included all of those ideas in the gallery, instead of having one or two lights focused on each photo they did more of a light show that focused on the performers and the photos. Another way this connects is that in class we are learning about how to connect everything together. And that is what John Lake did with his images that are all separate but when they came together made a image connecting all the images.

The exhibition related to the Production II course at Alfred State in a few ways. For one, we are learning how to set things up, how to light them, how to make it all come together and feel like one. And this is exactly what this gallery did. They took things, like the lights, music, and photos, that are separate and combined them to make a gallery with them together. Another way it relates is that in class we are learning about sound and how to enhance a piece with the right sound. This gallery included sounds that would enhance the gallery and the photos in the right way.

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