Interactive Installation

Interactive Media, Interactive Installation
Max 7

 This project was created with other group members that was meant to focused on renewable energy. We took the ideas behind the renewable energy of wind turbines and created them to be an interactive piece.

For our installation project we took the idea behind buttons in Max and changed them to work with pinwheels; So instead of people physically persons down a button to connect the wires, they blew air on the pinwheels to connect the wires.

Wind turbines make power by taking the wind and changing it to energy. Because of this idea we took the wind that people blew onto the wind turbines and made them switch the video and power a little LED light at the bottom of the pinwheel. This is to give the semi-literal idea behind the wind turbines that when the wind hits the turbine, it moves rotates which creates power.

One of the most challenging aspects of this project was figuring out how to get the wires to connect when the pinwheel moved. We originally thought that it would be a simple task but when we attempted it the LED light would constantly turn on which is not what we wanted. We overcame this problem by finding another way to get the wires to touch but without touching the ire that connects the light by adding another aluminum foil tab for the pinwheel to connect.

I think we where successful in this project as we created an interactive piece that was different and new. We took on the idea of wind turbines and created our own that successfully turned on the LED light and switched the video.

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