Yvonne Buchanan

Advanced Modeling, Lecture and Workshop

The event I went to was the gallery opening for Yvonne Buchanan’s gallery “Dark Matters.” This exhibition was on October 29th, 2015 at the Bret Llewellyn Gallery at Alfred State College in Alfred, New York.

Yvonne Buchanan was presenting her pieces in the exhibition “Dark Matters.” Her exhibition includes a large projected video, a small projected video, a sightseeing piece, and nine prints taken from her video. The pieces all connected in multiple ways such as having the same looking distortion in each of them.

The points that grabbed me about her talk was how much thought went into each detail of every piece. She said that most of her pieces included a black body as it embodied curiosity. While her videos were in a loop to create a circular story.

Specifically in the pieces in the Bret Llewelyn Gallery, one video had a polygon as a focus point in the middle. She says the polygon serves as a surrogate for the black body. This figure changes its surroundings to different places. She says this video is a fictive narrative of African American experience. Another video in her piece is a black body that had a chat polygon above the body at points. She says this video is about the lost language of Africans in America and how they evolve to be accustomed to American way of life.

I can apply the content of Yvonne Buchanan’s works to the Digital Media and Animation program at Alfred State College because in my second year I learned about glitch art and the different aspects to it, while this isn’t exactly glitch art it has some aspects of glitch art in it. Another way I can connect this to Digital Media and Animation is that this was a video exhibition with not only videos, but also videos that are exited with 2D aspects,  which I am learning about in Production classes.

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