Asset Check in

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Interactive Media, Project 3, Asset Check in

For this asset check in I finalized some information on my project and have the background and character idea. There will be multiple backgrounds so you play as you have different mazes to go through and solve. The character originally was a character but it was suggested I make it a silhouette to go along with my designs and I made this character as a basis for my character. I decided that the maze will be difficult enough without the fish so I decided to not include the fish barriers but the person still needs to collect air bubbles to survive. The controls will be moving your finger across the screen. When clicked the water there will ripple to add a reward for clicking, while if you click not on the water a sound will play warning you that is not were you want to click. I’m unsure if music will play a part in my game besides the sound effects when tapped, possibly just swimming noise while swimming.

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