Advanced Modeling, Orange

This project was focused on how to bring mud box, maya, and photoshop together to create a piece. We had to create a orange that looked like a real life image; One aspect of this that was important was adding an environment to this piece to make it feel like it is realistic.

This project focused highly on making the orange seem realistic, which had multiple important aspects to it. For one the orange needed to be modeled similarly to an orange, along with needing to be the correct color. Also have some variations on the color to make it more realistic. Second, there needed to be a background and floor or counter to make it look like the orange is in place. Then, the lighting was important in this piece because it needed to be realistic, have a hotspot and a shadow. The lighting is 3 point lighting that created a hotspot, shadow, and halo light. After the orange was finished, finding the right placement of the orange in the image was important; Keeping in mind the rule of thirds the orange is placed on the right with the shadow to the center to create a more interesting image.

Although this project took a lot of time, I learned a lot from it. Doing this orange I learned mental ray in Maya, reminded of textures and lighting in Maya, learned sculpting in Mudbox and learned how to finish an image in Photoshop.

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