Faces Poem Game


Interactive Media, Faces Poem Game

“It was made of their faces.”

“Perhaps they did not destroy it all.”

For my game I decided to look into my quotes and make more of an Arthouse game than a video game. For this I looked at my quotes and decided what to do. First I had the quote “it was made of their faces” for this one I used objects that were called faces: dice, dominos and clocks. Originally I had more ideas but to keep the objects similar I kept them black and white and simple. These objects each have an animation when clicked. After a few seconds the game goes to the next scene. This is when the “perhaps they did not destroy it all” quote comes into play. The game keeps replaying the levels until you quit which is why you never destroy it all.

This game was interesting to make because it made you think about of the box that to make it fit with the random quotes given instead of having it tell a story. This game went over well with my peers as they didn’t have many suggestions for this game during critique. They did suggest I make some sort of ending at the end instead of the pieces just disappearing before the game starts again.

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