Android Game Concept Design

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Interactive Media, Android Game, Concept Design

For my game idea I wanted to do an underwater game but didn’t want to make it like all the under water games I’ve played. My idea is a 2D vertical maze game with a third person controller. Not only must the user find the correct path the user must avoid fish and collect air bubbles. The fish will be put in accordance to were they would be in real life, such as sardines, herrings and tuna. One of the maze ends had no bottom floor which is the place the user must need to get to prior to running out of air.

The controls for my game will be on android so the character will respond to where the touch is on the phone- if the user touches on the right bottom corner the character will move downwards right, if the user moves to the lower left corner the character will follow.

The risk for this game sound be touching and holding the user’s finger on the screen. While the reward for that will be moving in the direction of your finger. Another reward of the game will be to collect the air bubbles.

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