Queen Bee Chess Piece

Advanced Modeling, Chess Piece
Autodesk Maya 2015, Autodesk Mudbox

For this assignment we had to create an unique chess piece; My class choose to create anamorphic pun chess pieces. The piece I decided to create, model, and 3D print is the queen bee.

The video is the model of the queen bee chess piece in the final modeling stage. Since the previous work I had changed some aspects of the queen bee chess piece. For one I changed the ‘B’ design as my peers said that the other ‘B’ letter looked more like a princess than a queen. Another aspect I changed was the crown of the bee. I changed that because the other crown couldn’t be 3D printed and needed to create a new one that could be printed.

This project went over well with my classmates but they had an idea to improve it more. They said I should have added some textures to the bee to give it more life and add another interesting aspect to it.

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