Project 2 Bata Test Results

Interactive Media, Project 2, Beta Test

For this haiku game project I decided to go with my original idea. Overall the beta test went well as I anticipated. During class three classmates tried to play my game and they didn’t have many critiques on it. They each had a positive things to say that it was good and interesting. They liked pressing the objects for the reward and enjoyed the never ending game aspect. They enjoyed the rewards for the little risk needed to receive them, every time a person attempted my game they got excited when they saw the objects move.

The only critiques I got on my project was more of what I noticed than what the people said. I noticed that the timing was off on some of my levels and in-between some of the levels.

I asked my peers about if I should have an ending and got multiple answers. Some replied no, as it goes with the quote and they like that it keeps repeating. While one said to make a fake ending were you can tell the level is obviously different than other levels but still repeats when finished.

Overall I was happy with the game I created as I’ve never played a game quite like this and was different. Also it went along with my quotes which was the biggest task in this creation. One of the most satisfying parts of this game was seeing my peers enjoying my game without much that they didn’t like or suggested to change.

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