Strong Museum of Play

Interactive Media, Gallery Write Up

For this gallery we took a field trip to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY on September 24th, 2015. This museum is titled and known as “a highly interactive, collections-based museum devoted to the history and exploration of play.”

There was many ways I can connect the museum to work in Interactive Media. For one we saw plenty of video games from a range of years. Each had a way of playing the game and some where very different and specific. One in particular had nuclear bomb that you looked though and had buttons to press as to where you want to throw the bomb. While another one had a Wii Kinect that found you standing in front of it, understood what you where doing and created animations in accordance with what actions you did.

Another way the strong museum was relevant to my work in Interactive Media is that we, in class, and attempting to create ideas for new games while in the Strong Museum of Play there where many different video games with many different designs, ideas and controls.

The Strong Museum of Play can connect to the Digital Media and Animation major in many ways. For one, there was not only many video games but a large amount of animation was used in their pieces, for games and advertisements. Many of the older games that where not created for the museum had animations but also the newer games made for the museum had animations. Also there was a large impact of graphic design in the museum. It started before you walked in the building with the logo for the Strong Museum of Play and continued to run through out the building to keep children interested, moving and having fun.

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