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 Interactive Media, Video Game Art, Concept Art

“It was made of their faces”

“They are all the same despite their differences”

“Perhaps they did not destroy it all”

My idea came to me as playing the other recommended games about interactive haikus. While looking at my sentences my first thought was a landscape made of faces, but that was all I had. This was my next thought. The user opens the page to see a bunch of faces all on the screen. You can scroll side to side and it will loop forever. When clicking on a face you hear something from that face (I have not specifically decided what). After a specific number of seconds or faces clicked you will be engulfed by that face, zooming inside the mouth. This uses the sentences “it was made of their faces” and “they are all the same despite their differences.”

Next view will be black then turn into a first person game. the character will be on a road and will be constantly walking. While walking there will be buildings and such on the sides of the road and the user can click on the buildings to destroy them. This will utilize the quote “perhaps they did not destroy it all.”

During class discussion I was told to look at the game and figure out how to connect the two ‘parts’ of the game. One of my classmates suggested that I have the heads, that are clickable with audio then after a specific number of seconds/clicks the head destroys instead of going to the street view.

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