Interaction Review 1

Interaction Review 1, Interactive Media 

A game I could play forever is Mario Cart for the Wii. There are multiple ways to play Mario Cart on the Wii form using the classic controller to the Wii Wheel, Gamecube Controller or the Wii Nunchuk. My personal favorite for Mario Cart is the Wii Wheel which I will be focusing on for this review. The Wii Wheel was specifically built and sold for Mario Cart which makes it really seem like you’re there and driving. What I can do with the Wii Wheel is that I hold the wheel and turn it as if I was steering a car, in return, the car in the game will turn along with your turn.  When the character is in the air you can shake the wheel to do a trick. although I know there is time between the actions, the timing between my actions and the actions in the game seem seamless. Some ways users are rewarded in the game is that when you collect specific objects you can do different things: Collecting the star makes you invincible, shells you can throw at other racers to make them pause, the rocket will being you from last place to the front of the pack and many more. These would be rewards for doing simple actions as to get them your might have to veer off your path slightly to hit the box that gives you these rewards. A reward for more complex actions would be winning the race/tournament you would receive a trophy and get the next locations unlocked.

A game that frustrates me is Injustice: Gods Among Men played on the Playstation 4. Although there is not many physical movements like Mario Kart, you still have to use you’re fingers to press the buttons on the controller to have the character move and fight. Pressing the direction buttons moves you forward and backward along with jump and crouch. The face buttons on the controller are the attack and combination moves. When pressing a button the game reacts rapidly. But when attempting to do a combination attack the user must press the combination buttons fast to get the attack to work. The difficulty of having the combination attacks work is what frustrates me about this game. I have difficulty pressing the buttons as fast as needed to get special attacks to work making it difficult to play and win this game and frustrating to play.

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