Interactive Media, Lecture and Workshop

The gallery opening I went to was the opening for Flatsitter at Alfred State College in Alfred, New York on September 3rd, 2015.

At the Flatsitter gallery opening they talked about how they thought of the idea for this and how they created the gallery. While talking about this gallery they said they wanted it to be a place one can go sit and relax without any other thoughts to worry about. The thought behind this show was to create the feeling of being on a cloud. They achieved this feeling by including the nets from the ceiling, the calming sound that takes over your thoughts and the colors used to create a specific feeling.

This gallery can specifically be applied to my work in Interactive Media as it was an interactive piece. There was a computer set up with an interactive page on it. When a use moved the mouse the multiple triangles on the screen would move away from the mouse no matter where the mouse is. On top of that the triangles constantly moved and subtly changed hues. With this happening the computer screen projected across the room with hanging nets which held some of the color. This related to my interactive media class not only because it is interactive with the mouse moving but I could see us working on a project that focuses on mouse movements, color changing and constant random movement of an object through time.

The content of the Flatsitter gallery can apply to my work in Digital Media and Animation at Alfred State College in many ways. For one it connects back to my work in interactive media with making a program that knows and understands the mouse location at all times. Another way this gallery connects to Digital Media and Animation is the thought put behind the show. My teachers here want me to think outside the box and having the nets hang down from the ceiling to absorb some of the light is something you do not see everyday. Another way this applies to Digital Media and Animation is that they talked about how they create audio in different ways which connects to my Production classes. They said they record sounds from everyday objects and combine them to create a desired sound.

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