First Person Storytelling

First Person Storytelling, Interactive Media, Concept

The story I made is about a character that is a hiker that is stopping for a campfire. White the characters stopped he hears a scream from the woods. The scream yells for help and the protagonist goes to help. The woods have an opening trail and the character starts his adventure.

The character figures their way through the maze in the woods with clues being subtly given such as belongings on the ground and yelling for help getting louder/quieter.

The main character eventually finds the person on a mountain and is being surrounded by three bears. When the protagonist gets to the person he gets the attention from the bears and the other one runs away. The other person yells to run down the mountain and they loose the bears attention.

Where does it take place? This story takes place in a wooded area in the United States in June.

Who is the protagonist? The protagonist is the first person character that is being played.

What are the controls like? The controls are the up, down, left, right, and spacebar controls.

Where is the ‘climax’ of the story? The climax of the story is when the character finds the other character being surrounded by bears. The yelling/screaming gets the user to the climax.

Campfire at the start of the game.

Campfire at the start of the game.

game3 game2

After Critique Write Up

During the critique I told my thoughts and problems with some interesting comments. The one that stuck out to me the most was the idea that I shouldn’t have a maze. Instead of a maze place the forest’s trees in the terrain and use the sounds to give the user an idea of where to go. I think this would be more interesting but also more difficult as I would have to figure out ways to control were the user can and cannot go without always using trees to block them.

Another idea that was brought to my attention is the bears in my original idea. Bears would be more difficult than I would have thought and shouldn’t include them. Many people suggested including sounds but not the actual bear or have a different idea like have it be something other than a bear and person. I’m glad someone brought this up and I did not even realize the difficulty of the situation while I was thinking about it.

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