Shallow Grave

ShallowGrave FinalMovie from Kara Johnson on Vimeo.

Password: OttawaFilm

Computer Animation IV, Short Short, Maya 2014

This short short had nothing easy about it. From the start creating the short short story board was even difficult to create a story board for a thirty second animation. Then came production that started off slow for the Shallow Grave group. After the difficulty with the rig we finally got it together and created this animation.

My favorite part from the animation is the beginning scene where the camera is following the butterfly then the title comes up. Going through this project I learned a lot. When things got difficult all I could think was that in a real life job situation this would happen or something like this would happen. Which is when I realized that this project taught me a lot about production of animations and how much time, effort, cooperation and teamwork it takes.

Overall this project was the move difficult one i’ve had at Alfred State College yet. But even though it was difficult I learned a lot about production and the ideas behind animations.

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