MFA Thesis Exhibition

Interactive Design, Gallery Write Up, MFA Thesis Exhibition

Over the course of a few different days I viewed the MFA Thesis Exhibition at the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery at Alfred University in Alfred, New York. This gallery opened April 11th, 2015 until May 8th, 2015 with multiple ‘opening receptions’. The artwork in this gallery is from candidates for MFA degrees in Ceramic Art, Sculpture and/or Glass and Electronic Integrates Arts.

I listened to Dennis Ritter, on April 25th, 2015 who talked about how everyday objects inspired his artwork. He is a second year MFA candidate at Alfred University College of Ceramics. Ritter makes sculptures of everyday objects that wouldn’t normally be thought of going together.

This can be applied to my work in the Digital Media and Animation major as I should always be keeping my mind open to three demential spaces and objects, wether it is a sculpture or animation. Just as the works in the MFA Thesis Exhibition sculptures used a three demential space.

The content of the lecture can be applied to specifically the Interactive Design class at Alfred State College as Ritter thinks outside of the box by putting unexpected objects together. As I should be thinking outside the box in Interactive Design class as to create new ideas that haven’t been used before.

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