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I went across the street to Alfred University in Alfred, New York, on March 4th, 2015 to view the works at the Fosdick- Nelson Gallery. I saw the works put on at the exhibition Variantology. This exhibition showed the works of the faculty members of Alfred University from the Division of Expanded Media.

Looking at the name you don’t really get an understanding of what you’ll be viewing, because of that I googled ‘variantology’ to get a better understanding. It’s defined as an international research project with the aim of developing a critical appraisal of the established concepts of media. To me, this means getting people to better understand the values behind the art.

The artists talked about their works but the work that stuck out to me and that I felt I had a closer connection to was the works done on the televisions. There were many installations done with televisions which include works by Peer Bode, Barbara Lattanzi and Devin Henry.

I felt closer with these works because I felt I could relate to them more. These works can be applied to the Digital Media and Animation major as a whole as the exhibition used a variety of mediums, just as we learn a variety of mediums going through the major to better understand other mediums. More specifically this exhibition relates to Interactive Design as interactive design is learning a lot about design and the ideas behind designs. And although I’m designing websites and pages on a computer, the same ideas are there in their design ideas such as negative space, color, focal point and more.

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