Emotions Animation

v12 from Kara Johnson on Vimeo.

Computer Animation 4, Emotions, Maya 2014

For this project we were randomly given two emotions that we then had to connect together and animate. The emotions I received were proud and horrified; I showed this by Eleven being proud at the start of the animation and then being horrified by the spider on the wall. Prior to doing the animation I had much more unnecessary actions in the reference footage but made the decision to cut it out to save on time and energy.

During critique, my classmates thought the animation was good and funny. They thought it was overall nicely done but they did think some aspects could be better. For one they thought at the end when Eleven was running away was too fast and that he just jumped into place which looked unnatural.

Overall I found this project difficult from the start when we had to find a way to combine these emotions. Once staring, I found the animation to run smoothly with the Eleven rig and spent a lot of time working on what he would end up doing in the animation.

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