Parallel Frequencies

Art History 2, Gallery Write Up, Essay

I visited the Cohen Center and Gallery in Alfred, New York. When I visited I viewed the gallery entitled “Parallel Frequencies.” I visited on Friday, January 30th. This gallery features works by Robin Cass, Amie McNeel, Rachel Moore, Jackie Pancari, Kait Rhoads, and Norwood Viviano.

“Parallel Frequencies” included works that had to do with pattens, scale and nature. The artists went about this common interest with art that involved glass. The intentions of this gallery was to discover common experiences and issues with glass. I would say that the gallery’s intentions were met as you could find a way to connect all of the pieces. Also although the experiences each person went through to achieve their piece of work was different yet similar. It was different because of the different types of art they were creating from different things. This caused each person to have different ideas and experiences. While they all has a similar experience as all of the artists went through difficult times to achieve the perfect piece of art.

The gallery was effective as each piece was different , yet make you think about similar aspects. Take the images on the wall for instance. These photographs are created with pieces of art with glass placed over them perfectly for a photograph. At the same time there’s three bowls in the middle of the room, all the same, all perfectly created bowls. These make the viewer think about the precision and perfection used in both pieces of art. This gallery was also effected in their use of the medium. Artists used glass to create their pieces and all artists successfully used this material even in different ways.

I believe all art fits into a theoretical and/or historical precedence. The art at the gallery “Parallel Frequencies” could be considered contemporary art. Contemporary art is more modern and is created by artists who are living in the twenty-first century.  It reflects culture and society to make people think of current ideas and questions the familiar ideas. Contemporary art uses a combination of materials, methods, concepts and subjects. This gallery fits in with the ideas behind contemporary art as the “Parallel Frequencies” gallery focused on nature while combining it with a modern, materialized feel. This gallery also uses a combination methods. “Parallel Frequencies” has multiple artists that used multiple methods to create their artwork, from photography to drawing to sculptures was all included. a combination of concepts was used in “Parallel Frequencies” as each person used their own ideas and thoughts behind their pieces. Finally, This gallery used a combination of subjects as some used nature without altering it as some created their own nature with sculptures and more.

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