from Kara Johnson on Vimeo.

Computer Animation 3, Pace, Maya 2014

This pace project gave me much trouble as this is a new rig and gave me a difficult time animating. While showing this project I received feedback from my classmates saying that my hands were glitching and my arms were wobbling. For this problem I am unsure of how to fix it as I had problems with my rig’s arms.

Someone said that my pose at the end of the runway should be exaggerated and kept in a standing hold for longer to make it seem stronger. Another problem with this animation was that the hips jerk while turning, to fix this I will make the hips move right before the body in a smooth motion to make it a leader of the body.

Expressions were brought up as my animation doesn’t have enough attitude and expression, this can be fixed in the face features on Norman. And finally my animation has a pause in the return steps that I didn’t realize. This is an easy fix that is simply just fixing and moving keyframes.

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