Sit To Stand

SITTOSTANDNEW from Kara Johnson on Vimeo.

Computer Animation 3, Sit To Stand, Maya 2014

Although there was some negative aspects to my “Sit to Stand” animation, people had good to say about it first. The finger movement was a positive aspect as they move well and add good anticipation. The feet and legs also add good anticipation as the movement tells that he will do something. The smile and blinks add to the animation making it seem human and relatable.

Some things people noticed on my “Sit To Stand” project was the that Norman doesn’t look like he is pushing off the chair. I saw this too and wasn’t sure how to fix this problem but now know that to fix this it is done in the clavicles moving more than anything else.

Also the hips had raised questions. It is realized that at the end the hip moves up too much that it is impossible. To fix that I will just lower the hip down. It was said that the hips turn too much when settling and to lessen it to make it look more natural.

Someone said that the end of the stand Norman is leaning forward too much that if he were like that in real life he would be falling down.

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