Walk Cycle

Johnson Kara WalkCycle ThreeFourths from Kara Johnson on Vimeo.

Computer Animation 3, Walk Cycle, Maya 2014

While in the critique for this project my peers had many positive things to say about my animation but also they pointed out some negative aspects of my animation.

The first thing was that my chest was moving to little and didn’t move up and down as well. I noticed¬†the chest movement was too much¬†while I was doing the animation and attempted to fix it but made it too little of movement. I just have to find that perfect balance.

Another problem my classmates noticed was that one of the knees “popped” in which case I have to add more keyframes in that spot and also make sure the knee is always going forward to avoid any “popping” situations.

Finally, a statement was said that my head was not turning the correct way or for some reason doesn’t look right as Norman walked. I had a difficult time with the animation of the head as it goes left, right, up and down while walking and I didn’t get it on the mark.

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