Three Balls Bouncing Resubmission

Computer Animation 3, Resubmission, Three Bouncing Balls, Maya 2014

Johnson Kara Ball01Resubmission from Kara Johnson on Vimeo.

Bouncing Beach Ball: For my bouncing beach ball, one of the most important thing I fixed was I decreased the amount in between the key frames to make the ball bounce faster. Also, I added more keyframes so make the arcs less pointed and more round, as well as fixing my squash and stretch making the ball seem more realistic.

Johnson Kara Ball02Resubmission from Kara Johnson on Vimeo.

 Bouncing Golf Ball: One of the main problems I faced in ball 02 was the amount of squash and stretch was in my animation: There was too much and it didn’t decrease over time. I fixed this problem and also made the arcs more rounded instead of pointed.

Johnson Kara Ball3Resubmission from Kara Johnson on Vimeo.

Bouncing Heavy Weight Ball: For this ball, the first bounce was too fats and too straight down, also there was no second bounce. I added a small second bounce, as well as added more keyframes to slow the ball down and altered the placement of the ball to make it arc more. Finally I slowed down and shortened the roll at the end to make it look like it comes to a stop instead of suddenly stopping.

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