Organic Wood Carving


3D Design, Wood Carving, 12″ x 3″ x 3″, Balsa Wood

This project was all about seeing a 3D figure in something that it’s not in yet. Starting with just block of wood made it hard to see past the block but eventually came together to create a beautiful, organic wood statue.

Chapter 3 in Design by Nature:Using Universal Forms and Principles in Design by Maggie Macnab tells about natures ethics and how to incorporate design principles from nature into the project. Maggie Macnab says to get nature’s ethics into a project, that not everything has to be clearly defined like adding a face to the circle or legs to make my carving a person, but instead change it, add to it, or simplify it to create something new that people will know what it is without being told. She also wrote to combine nature and human elements to create something new, with this is combined the organic lines and shapes of a plant or tree with a human with the circle and rounded square at the bottom.

To me, this project was a big milestone as when I started I didn’t know what I was looking for in the block of wood as now I feel I can see a 3D object in anything. This project helped me see 3D objects like we have been trying to learn in my 3D class. But also in my whole major this wood carving project will open my mind to help me create more organic objects instead of normal, ordinary objects.

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