Maya Character


Computer Animation 2, “You”, Maya

For my Maya character project I have decided to do a cartoon person that slightly resembles me; things such as the clothing, shoes and hair resemble me as the body and head shape and size are unique to the character.

This project was a very new experience for me as I have just learned Maya but also because I haven’t made a 3D person in any of my classes or previously. For me, the hardest part of the project was designing the head and hair. I spent most of my time on the head to get everything looking good while keeping the head still look round and human-like. The Hair was difficult because the teacher taught us for a male so applying what he said and changing if for my female character with hair up was difficult.

This project was a huge achievement for me because I felt it opened my eyes as to how I can do things such as make cartoon characters as I thought I wouldn’t be able to do for a while. This project relates to my computer animation course because it was learning hoe to make and design characters which I can make more of and learn to animate at some point. In the whole Digital Media and Animation major at Alfred State College, this project will help me design characters and what they will look like from different views and also make it easier to design characters in the future for animating.

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