Self Portrait



Figure and Motion, Self Portrait, 21″ x 21″, Photoshop, Charcoal

This project left an impression on me that will stay with me for a while. This self portrait project helped me realize how far I have become as an artist.

I believe I was successful in recreating my self portrait image in charcoal with minimal differences. The most difficult aspect of this project was because I had chosen a difficult image for me to draw. Instead of focusing on one aspect of my face, like many people did, I decided to duplicate my face resulting in me having to draw double as much and not be able to add as much detail as if I could if I was close up. So the adding detail to a small space was the largest difficulty for me as well as having to draw double. Another difficulty I had while drawing was trying to make the left and right side sweatshirt look similar to show it is the same thing and that only the face had moved.

I using the distinct line around the face make the image stand out and not look blended into the background. But the hair doesn’t have a distinct line because it was blended into the background. The sweatshirt had wrinkles that caught light and dark aspects of the light.

This was an important aspect of my Figure and Motion class because it really showed how much growth has happened throughout the past two semesters with working with charcoal, drawing people, and taking images. In the whole Digital Media and Animation program this project can relate to classes in that I have to know and understand the human figure to understand how it looks and how it will animate.

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