Bone Reference Book


Figure and Motion, Bone Book, Mixed Media, 13″ x 7″

We have been doing pages of this bone book threw out the semester to help us understand the human bones, muscles and how it looks. This helped dramatically when drawing models and people by seeing the human figure and what is happening when it moves or changes.

Knowing the bones of the human body is important so when drawing models and characters to help know the proportions of the bones. The bones help me understand what happens when people move: walk, run, jump, raise their arms and more. The muscles were important to understand and know because it helps to know where the muscles are, what they look like and how they interact with other bones, muscles, and skin. The muscles also give shape to limbs such as the arms and legs which have more muscle than the fingers and toes, this is important so you know how to draw, design, and create the shape of these limbs. The skin is well known but there is parts of the body but there is many unknown parts to it. Understanding the skin helps know how the body moves when in activities and helps create, draw it.

Understanding all of the parts of the body helps me be able to draw such as models and characters and also to make amature maps to make models. This book will help me in my figure and motion class because we draw models and understanding how the human body works and moves will help with the model drawing. In my whole Digital Media and Animation major as a whole, this book will come in use when drawing and designing characters in maya and in other programs but also so helps understand how to make clay models. Eventually this will help me understand how to animate people and characters and to know how they move and look.

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