Art History, Mosaic, 16″ x 20″, Mixed Media

Our art history assignment was anything except weaponry or computer made but was graded on how much time was spent on the project, not just how it looked. I originally decided to do a stain glass window thinking ‘yes, that will take time’ but then thinking about it, that was a lot of time, more than I had to spend. Then I had decided to do a mosaic as he has said it in a class and so I started.

After buying the multiple materials, I went to working working with new mediums and with something i’ve never attempted before. This project was definitely a huge learning experience as i’ve learned how to do so much including cutting ceramic tiles, painting, grouting and so much more. I believe this project is one of the most more successful projects, not only because it took me a lot of time, but because I learned so much while doing this project.

To my major learning to work with new materials is important to making art and understanding art. By making this I believe it applies to all of my Digital Media and Animation classes because it helped me understand so much more about materials, color, design and time management.

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