Skeleton Within Post-Critique

Figure and Motion, Skeleton Within Post Critique Write Up

Overall the whole class did a good job with minimal mistakes like too small of bones or misplaced bones. What we all found was the most difficult aspect of this project was the value and color and also how to skeleton fit into the person. We all knew that putting the skeleton into the person would be the most difficult part of this project but overall everyone did a good job doing it. Many people learned that they liked, or disliked the material they were using- for instance Chris Ferguson learned he liked using pastels and wanted to do more art with them as many learned that paint was difficult because once it is hard to control. Caiden had made his bones with a blue hue which turned out nicely because the blue compliments with the orange background making it ‘pop’ as I had difficulty making things ‘pop’ without any colors and only a gray scale range. As a whole the projects turned out nicely and were very successful.

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