From the Eye to the Heart Gallery

From the Eye to the Heart Gallery at the Robert C. Turner Gallery at Alfred University is an exhibit that deals with the culture of our society today. This exhibit touched on points such as males being known as the dominate figure in our culture, the rise of technology, and the standards woman have.

A piece that really drew my eye was Who’s the One Intelligently Designing? by Steve 4Sheefer. This piece caught my eye because of the 3D aspect of it; This piece had layer upon layer to create a 3D space on a 2D surface. This piece deals with the intelligent design, or technology, handing humans the first wheel because, in Sheefer’s words, “we are not smart enough to come up with it on our own or, by extension, live on our own.” I believe this image is to make viewers think about what is wrong in our society and think about how much technology has overpowered us all.

Another piece I found interesting was Jar by Jessica Detweiler. This piece looks like a 5regular vase or jar but contains an outstanding deeper meaning. This jar stands for the unachievable standards of the female body image and attractiveness. These standards are set by the curves and perfection of the jar itself. I believe this piece was very accurate in which females try to live into this impossible expectation for the ‘perfect body’ which is impossible to achieve and I believe that is all Detweiler wanted the view to understand.


 Gilded  by Sophie Neslund made me think about the statue and what it had meant. At first I knew the statue was about something with males but now quite sure what it meant. I found that the meaning was about how society thinks and references the male as our cultural default. I believe Neslund knew that the statue was going to be known ad confusing at first but after knowing what it meant I believe the view understood where Neslund was coming from.

Overall the From the Eye to the Heart gallery was an eye opening exhibit about society and out views, values, and standards. I believe these pieces were an important aspect to this gallery because they gave a deep meaning to society and its flaws.

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