Figure and Motion Lecture

Analogue, by Michael Bosworth, at the Llewellyn Gallery at Alfred State College is an exhibit that brings real life tragic events, such as a flood, and showing them in a seemingly beautiful way. The works in this gallery gave a feeling of happiness, relax and lightness even though they are images and models of horrific events as Bosworth said “Floods are bad if you’re in them, but watching them you get a feeling of content and relaxed.”

Bosworth’s film based video was of an ordinary 1900s house (reconstructed with doll house furniture) that was completely filled with a liquid with bubbles forming on the g3furniture, walls, doors and going up from the bottom of the screen. The video was of the beauty found after a flood had taken place. When asked by he used clear liquid instead of dirty, muddy liquid that would be in a flood, his response was that it he wanted the focus on the bubbles instead of on the thought of a real flood. This work brings a calmness and new feeling to a horrific event of a flood in a home. When looking at this piece I was lost as to what it was and it what it meant because I was looking for a deep meaning but in reality the piece was all about reality and whats happening in the world outside of the one we are in.

The use of the magic lantern was present when Bosworth used it to show devastating images from southern California. The images were submerged in water inside of the magic lantern and had water continuously adding to it, behind the water and photograph
g6was a light bulb that boiled the water. The three photographs were taken by Bosworth and were considered ‘devastated’ areas, or areas were a horrific event happened and left the area in ruins. But what really was happening in these pieces was that the boiling water will eventually ruin the photographs so we are seeing devastation happen to the photograph like in the photograph. Ruining the actual photograph have me a new understanding to the images taken. To me, this was important because it gave the image a new meaning.

The last piece in the gallery was a fish tank filled with water and images coming from the back of it. Even though the video was projecting to the back of the tank, the image was reflected on the top, bottom and sides of the tank because of the water inside. Bosworth had the video filmed upside down to have the images reflect on the top of the water in the tank. When asked why Bosworth used warm colors in this piece instead of dark, upsettingg2 colors when representing a flood he replied by saying he wanted the warm colors to make people feel happy with the yellow and orange colors in the film instead of upset with dark, cold colors. This image made me confused because of the upside down film but made since after studying the piece for a while. The use of the fish tank on a free standing shelf right when you walked in drew me into the piece because it was different than just a video on the wall.

The works in Analogue by Michael Bosworth made me understand a new way of seeing things. The thought that a flood or any other natural disaster could be seen as beautiful is new to me as I have always been in the mind set that natural disasters are upsetting, bad, and stressful but in reality there is so much more. Analogue gives a new mindset that will stay with me well past viewing the show.

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