Skeleton Within

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Figure and Motion, Skeleton Within, Reference Picture

For my Skeleton Within project I have decided to draw the skeleton within the picture “The Kissing Sailor” by Alfred Eisenstaedt. This picture was taken on V-J Day on August 14, 1945 in Times Square New York City.

I have decided to do this image because I wanted a romantic couple scene to draw and while searching artists such as Michelangelo and Da Vinci I found drawings of women only or of multiple people when I wanted a couple in my image. This original image is in black and white but I have also included an image of the sculpture of this picture to understand the color of the people.



Mosbergen , Dominique . ‘Kissing Sailor’ Photo Depicts ‘Sexual Assault, Not Romance,’ Says Feminist Website, Blogger. 2012. Photograph. Huffington Post, New York City. Web. 13 Mar 2014.

Statue Image: 

Gracey , Bill. Sailor Kissing Young Woman. N.d. Photograph. FlickrWeb. 13 Mar 2014.

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