Flip book



Figure and Motion, Flip Book, 3″ x 5″, 3.8 Seconds, Photoshop

This flip book was inspired by Alfred State College’s tagline: “Hit the Ground Running.” It was to help learn and understand the human form in movement.

 This flip book project, in my opinion, was the most difficult project we have gotten this semester. Not only because of the multiple drawings with the same constancy, but also because of the subject in which the flip book had to be done in- “Hit the Ground Running.” I found this subject difficult because the amount of room on the three inch by five inch cards did not give a lot of space for all of the motions of falling, landing, and running.

Although this flip book was difficult, the flip book really taught me how to understand the movement of the human form. The difficulty in this flip book was because I needed to draw a woman in movement without making a simple stick figure sketch. What helped with this project was rotoscoping people in action prior to drawing in the flip book.

This project related to my Figure and Motion class because in class we are learning about how to draw the human figure by drawing life models and this was drawing a person in movement also. In all of my Digital Media and Animation courses, this project could relate when making a character in Maya or another program and have the character move and look correct and proportioned.

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