Drapery: Post-Critique


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Figure and Motion, Drapery, Post-Write Up, Redraw

After critique in the Figure and Motion class, my still life drapery drawing received good and bad reviews and what I can fix to make it better.

Positive aspects of my drawing is that the details are well done and that I should post pictures of individual details because they are nicely done. Also the eye was led thew the piece from left to right which is what I wanted. The accent details such, as highlighting, added interest and worked well wight he piece and the details worked when looking closely.

The main thing my peers said was that I am still too cautious with my shading and it is blending in with other aspects of my drawing too much. I was to darken the skull even more so it looks more finished as it looks a little unfinished from a distance. Also, some object’s shadows were too strong such as in the back horn. Someone said that the horns looked on the same plane as well as the nose looked closer instead of farther away.

To fix these problems I will darken in the left side of my skull to make it look finished. I will fix my horns by lightening the shading on the back horn and by playing with the other horns to figure out how to make the horns look on different planes.

After touching up my drawing and comparing the two pictures, I had found that darkening just a little more in the left side of the skull made the drawing so much more powerful and looked finished and complete. Lightening up the closer horn and darkening some of the father away horn made the horns on different planes and the small horn by the nose looks a little bit more off of the nose, which is what I needed. Darkening in the blanket completed it because before the blanket looked misplaced and not right.

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