Computer Animation 2, Room/Interior, Maya

This assignment focused on Maya and learning how to do modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering to create an interior. 

Originally I created a room for an elderly leprechaun couple but the file corrupted and was almost all erased. When redoing my room project I had went a different direction on my room for the lack of time. This room now is for a older, outdoor loving couple with children that are moved out and grandchildren. I had created a nook with a bookcase close by made fully out of windows. There are multiple windows in this house because this couple loves the sun- there’s windows, nook made of windows, door with windows, and windows on the roof for a skylight. There are pictures on the wall of their children and grandchildren because they are so proud of them, as any grandparent is; this couple lives in New York because the New York Times newspaper is on the table. The lights are from the outside sunlight showing threw the windows into the house. Their house is by some trees that aren’t too dense that they could see threw which the couple likes.


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