Figure and Motion, Drapery, Charcoal, 18″ x 24″

For this bone still life drawing the shading is the focus- to get the linear perspective, shadows, and blanket stripes correct.

Before doing this project, I had drawn multiple attempts at the different angles and views of this skull and of the skeleton to figure out which would result in the best drawing. I had found the best drawing would be zoomed in on the skull instead of having the whole skull or both skulls.

Doing this project helped my drawing style in multiple ways, including shading, linear perspective, proportions and details. Shading was a big part of this still life project and doing it helped me understand where the shadows should start and end and how farther away things get less distinct and more blurry. Linear perspective came into the drawing when the parts farther needed to be darker as the closer parts needed to be lighter. Although I mainly focused on shading, the proportions of the skull where important so the skull doesn’t look bad and wrong. I used my mandarin lines and sizing to get the correct proportions. Details were important and were all over the skull and blanket; the details were not clear with distinct lines just with the shading and lighting.

This project relates to my class to use all of out drawing techniques into one still life drawing and how it could be done in still life drawings, figure drawings and computer drawings. In the whole Digital Media and Animation major, this project could relate to every class giving an idea on how to draw on paper and the computer which I would need when drawing characters, settings and objects.

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