Modular Design

wpid-20140303_102223 wpid-20140303_102247.jpg

3D Design, Modular Design, Tyvek Paper, Rubber Cement, Nylon, 6′ x 1.5′ 

Our 3D modular design is an abstract origami totem pole made to be six feet tall.

I think that in the future our 3D modular design could be upright and perfectly straight, and also have more modular designs continuing up. Another factor that would have contributed to making a this more powerful design would be having a spiral rotating upwards around it.  Using the bigger pieces of origami, we put them at the bottom of the sculpture to give it more strength, and built up from that putting the smaller ones on top. In order to create an aesthetic experience we looked at the placement of each cube and pyramid to create a holistic in the round sculpture.

In order to help our statue stand, we used a string and attached it to give it more stability. I think we wee successful in our ideas. We kept the form of the origami and managed to insert our ideas into the sculpture properly.

The way we positioned our triangles serves as a visual aesthetic bringing the viewers gaze into the sculpture and around it. The emotions of triangles are stability, inspiration, and ability to transcend obstacles.  The square is stability because it contains and stabilizes energy and represents security.

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