Figure Drawing Journal: Week 7

Figure and Motion, Figure Drawing Journal, Week 7

Since the beginning of the semester I feel as if I have grown a tremendous amount in my drawing, writing, and creativity. 

My growth had come in my drawings by when i’m doing my figure drawings I am bringing my drawings to life even a little bit. My new goal is to drawing on the computer with my Wacom tablet. I had tried to do a project on my Wacom tablet and got negative reviews on my project because my drawings did not have any life or character, I would like to learn to successfully draw on my tablet so I will know how to for the future because I will need to know it for future Digital Media and Animation classes.

To me, being an artist is someone being able to make something that is enjoyable for someone to look at: a sculpture, drawing, painting, design, architecture and so much more. Even if some people do not understand the piece, others will enjoy it making the person who made the art an artist.

The aspect of figure drawing in which I would like to improve is really just getting the proportions right and doing it in a timely matter. The previous drawings I feel I had sometimes not draw any mandarin lines which can make some of the proportions wrong also taking too long in result running out of time. To help these aspects I will do my mandarin likes and realize what goes where with those. And I have always done the quick sketches before a figure drawing to get my mind and body moving in a speedy way and managing my time to know what I should have done in a specific amount of time. I was successful in my time management when we had a half an hour to finish a drawing and I was working constantly the whole time and finished right on time. With the proportions and mandarin lines I had a failure when doing a figure drawing and I didn’t draw the lines making the whole piece disproportioned making it look wrong.

Besides figure drawing, I had been cautious with how dark I had been shading resulting in making it too light. For the drapery project I had decided to go out of my comfort zone and shade darker initially. I will try to think about how dark to shade and do it first so I do not have to redo the shading darker later.

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