Canon Post Critique

Figure and Motion, Canon Post-Critique Write Up

While in class I had learned that although some of my facial expressions looked decent, my actual character needed fixing. It was said my character was disproportioned and was not consistent and needed to be redone, also that my line weight was not on target. The facial expressions were better than the character in which the lines and expressions were better although still could use some fixing by adding subtle lines within the face to create wrinkles and show expressions better. The canon I made was unique as most other people used the head instead of another body part.

If I were to redo this project, which I will, I would completely change the character’s five views by having only one line weight threw out and changing the colors. I would make things such as the clothes wrinkles less hidden and more obvious. Also in the facial expressions the face will have more expression in them and less line variation.

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