Canon canon1

Figure and Motion, Canon, Photoshop, 10″ x 7″

Canon is described as body of laws and regulations made by or adopted by ecclesiastical authority, meaning a drawing made by following a specific set of rules.

My character, Adeaze, is from my previous story of a princess that grew up with the people instead of in the royal family. her main features are her long blond hair and royal blue eyes. The dress she is wearing is one of the simple dresses the woman farmers would wear in my story.

This character drawing helped me personally understand how the body should look in drawings with out any awkward features. what I focused on to understand was how the head sits on the neck along with how the arms rest to the side and the arm’s size. Using space within the character helps understand the body of the woman, such as the space between the arms and body.

I found the most difficult part of this project was bringing the character to life but adding little features, such as wrinkles and hair placement bring little bits of life to the character. I found that designing the character was difficult also to get all of the body pieces correct and proportioned. Although line played a big part in bringing the character to life, the thicker lines in the bottoms of the images show a deeper, heavier edge, as the thinner lines show a lighter edge.

The canon I made was going off of the human shin, Adeaze is three shins high with a half for the head and a fourth for the feet. Shins isn’t a normal canon but I wanted to do something different for my canon that I had not heard of before. After multiple attempts of different body parts looking correct I had figured out my shin canon.

The character project relates to my Figure and Motion class because in the class we are learning about how the human body is drawn and how the parts of the body come together. This project connects with the rest of my Digital Media and Animation classes because my character could be animated to actually move and talk.

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